Backpacking Europe 101 | My Top 10 Tips

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Everything you’d wanna know about backpacking Europe is here! These are my top 10 tips xx

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Greek Tour:

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43 replies
  1. keyry hernandez
    keyry hernandez says:

    Hey thank you so much for the tips! Backpacking through Europe has always been a dream of mine but i didnt think i would actually be able to do it. This video gave me a ton of inspiration to follow my dreams((: I enjoy your videos and look up to the way you live your life. I really hope to go after i graduate High School and i just turned 15 and ive been saving up bills down to pennies. I still have time to get a job and save up more money but i was wondering if you think i could gather enough money to go for about 2-3 months if i stay dedicated and work? I plan on traveling on a low or medium budget because i know that it doesnt matter if get the best of everything because im going there to get out of my comfort zone. I do want to have fun at the same time though. Thanks for your time, i appreciate it!

  2. Robert Goodale
    Robert Goodale says:

    I'm not sure what the no-WiFi thing is about. I've back-packed Spain, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and elsewhere in the world. I have found nearly every decent restaurant in Europe, typically free. Just asked the food server for the password. Also – some cell carriers offer FREE international data. Specifically Sprint and T-Mobile does this, probably others. Verizon and ATT does not. It will be very slow, (like 2G), but free. For an extra fee they will bump it up but 2G is enough for Google Maps, worth it's weight in gold. Option B, purchase a SIM card for a major European carrier. They are generally cheep and will get you on the full wireless network. (Robs thoughts for the day).

  3. Mel Kopi
    Mel Kopi says:

    I had to watch what I ate in Europe because I was on a strict budget. The greek salad in greece was cheap and great. LIved on Baby Bel cheese and bread. It sounds like you were traveliing deluxe. I had to poverty travel.

  4. Sophia Jungenberg
    Sophia Jungenberg says:

    This video was everything I didn't know I needed to hear and I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon your video! I'm traveling alone to Europe in 3 weeks and I couldn't be more excited. I've traveled alone before, and I've been to Europe with my family, but something about hearing your personal experience makes me even more excited than I was before. All your tips helped me tons, thanks sooo much and I hope you enjoyed your trip to Aus! xx

  5. Deniz Guneren
    Deniz Guneren says:

    Just came across this video and absolutely loved it! especially the part about food, cannot agree more (insert thumbs up emoji-cannot do it on my laptop) :)))

  6. sophie9 nymeria
    sophie9 nymeria says:

    when you say you have to pay more for seats on the train, is that all the time, or just if its overnight and you want to get a bed?

  7. anna visser
    anna visser says:

    Instead of using a train, look at Flixbus. You can get to the big citys in europe for really cheap. For instance from munich to berlin costs €25,- it does take 7 hours but there are also overnight busses

  8. vbaspcppguy
    vbaspcppguy says:

    A tip on mobile data, Google's $10 per gig applies in quite a few countries, including most if not all of Europe.

  9. metror62
    metror62 says:

    Love the video, especially when you're moving your hair all about, very nice….. Pls do more of that in future videos…The profanity? not my thing…..I admire how adventuresome you are, more power to you Girlfriend, keep up the good work

  10. Mantaka Muhee
    Mantaka Muhee says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed your video!! I just wanted to know how much you spent and how many countries you visited??

  11. Husain Ali Al Balushi
    Husain Ali Al Balushi says:

    Great tips. But I have a remark regarding the wifi. I was in Holland and the chezk republic @ 2014 and I had no issues with wifi. Many places around had free wifi too like museums, restaurants and so on. I once stopped @ a restaurant in a remote place the chezk republic and the guy new not a single word of english but I could see that he has wifi on my scanner. He ended up entering the password for me lol.

    Nevertheless dont ever be surprised if 2 people give you 2 opinions on the same thing they may both be true. Usually when I tour and especially when i tour remote places or places where I might face language problems I make sure I get a local sim card as soon as I arrive, Some places have it in every store while some have it in the arrivals section itself. And I do have a travel phone i.e dual sim card phone to make my life easier. To make sure you are not billed tons for roaming data when you are abroad what I usually do is I erase my data settings as soon as I depart my country. So no settings = no oops by mistake I switched the data on. 1MB=$$$$$ & knowing the trash of apps on your apps that keep updating that will be tons of $$$$$.

    If you flip through your air magazine on your flight out to your first destination you will find a traveller sim being advertised too, you can simply call the host and ask for one and pay for it even with your credit card. They have machines on flights. But I never tried that. This traveller simcard would be much better if you are gona hop from one country to another in europe because you dont want to buy a new sim every where you land (thats until the new euro legislation kicks in where any euro country sim card data can be used anywhere and will not be considered as roaming).

    All in all data is very very very important. not to stay connected on facebook obviously but to move around, maps, searches, reservations etc..

  12. Eileen Rivery
    Eileen Rivery says:

    Hey, Coley! I'm going to do a Western Europe backpacking trip next summer and I'm spending most of my time in Spain and would like to know what to watch out for there and some awesome things you did that you would recommend. All the best!!

  13. Anne Hazel Selby-Frei
    Anne Hazel Selby-Frei says:

    I live in Switzerland and can inform you the Swiss rail pass for
    tourists cannot be used everywhere. It is definitely not usable to the top of the Jungfraujoch and a few private cableways.

  14. Nathan Dutoit
    Nathan Dutoit says:

    We do have wifi :p Most cities have wifi hotspots all over the place but you need to be signed with a specific provider to have acces to their wifi hotspots. So i see how you would have a hard time finding wifi haha

  15. Akash Vaid
    Akash Vaid says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Backpacking europe this July. Going to Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest and Prague. Would love to meet fellow travellers.

  16. Kris Danielson
    Kris Danielson says:

    Is it realistic to go to Europe for 90 days 3 months the max time I can from Canada 🇨🇦 for around $20,000.00 ? Or should i have more I've been to Europe 2 times already but only for about a week and a half at a time.

  17. Alyssa Palos
    Alyssa Palos says:

    I'm leaving to backpack solo in Europe for 60 days in less than 100 days and I'm getting so nervous. and this gave me so much confidence. Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed to hear!

  18. Leemus
    Leemus says:

    I am backpacking Europe for a little under month. Where do you recommend I go with only a month's time to have the best overall experience? I start in France.

  19. Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA
    Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA says:

    You are amazing and your blog is great but leave your hair alone. I ended up listening to your blog rather than watching it because it was so irritating. Just trying to give you constructive criticism.

  20. Olivia Campbell
    Olivia Campbell says:

    I would agree with most things you said, minus the 'drink as much as you want' if you're alone, you can't trust everyone to get you home safe. i would say, stay some-what sober but let your hair down.


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