Top 10 Latin American Countries to Visit

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For this list, we’re focusing on countries only – not specific cities – that are culturally considered part ofLatin America.

Special thanks to our user Amilcar Napoleon Quintanilla for submitting the idea using interactive suggestion tool
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45 replies
  1. Germain Martel
    Germain Martel says:

    1. México
    2. Argentina
    3. Bolivia
    4. Perú
    5. Venezuela
    6. Colombia
    7. Brasil
    8. Ecuador
    9. Chile
    10. Cuba

    I am Colombian.

  2. Adalayda Rios
    Adalayda Rios says:

    i think brazil would be number one not mexico but both are very amazing and all countries on this list are very amazing

  3. Isaac Trevino
    Isaac Trevino says:

    empesastes my bien El video con El asento mexicano con Las ciudades y despues ,,,#+£€£#';@"€'$%£+:%;+$#

  4. Daniel Sedycias
    Daniel Sedycias says:

    How dare youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Brazil at number 2. That's like saying coke is a mediocre product. Brazil deserves to be number 1 and I am super pissed. Fuck you watchmojo. I fuck your family. I fuck all the people you like and love. Also I curse your ancestors and your descendants!

  5. briantravelman
    briantravelman says:

    No way in hell is Argentina better than Peru! And Venezuela is interesting, but too dangerous to visit! And how the hell is Nicaragua not even in honorable mentions? Nicaragua is far more interesting than Bolivia, Argentina and Costa Rica.

  6. Adriana K.
    Adriana K. says:

    RIO DE JANEIRO FOR LIFE!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. alexandre jose da costa neto
    alexandre jose da costa neto says:

    Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America and has so much things to do. Seriously, it would take years to visit all things there are to see here in Brazil.

  8. Mackie Verga
    Mackie Verga says:

    I agree with your list but I don't agree with Argentina being the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. It's Mexico, mate. 🙂

  9. Mrlennymej1
    Mrlennymej1 says:

    But I have some questions about Argentina in 2017…

    1. Is Argentina really safe to visit as a tourist (European or American) this year?
    2. Which animal in Argentina is the most dangerous to humans?
    3. Are there still crimes and scams in the country?
    And finally…
    4. Did Argentina have the best hotels are both safe and secure?


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