Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

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My selection of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This is my opinion so I know no one is probably going to have the same ones as me!:) Also, I know in Rome I used pictures of buildings that are in Vatican City, I just decided to combine them.

Songs are: A River Flows in You by Yiruma
Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart
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  1. Pigs Trotters
    Pigs Trotters says:

    My top 10 list. Strange, they all happen to be capitals: 1.Cardiff (Wales), 2. Vaduz (Lichtenstein), 3. Warsaw, 4. Bratislava, 5. Helsinki, 6.Sofia, 7. Podgorica (Montenegro), 8. Brussels, 9. Oslo, 10. Tirana (Albania)

  2. muzluv33
    muzluv33 says:

    How about Bruges and Ghent in Belgium, Hamburg and Bremen in Germany, Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria, Strasbourg in
    France, Krakow in Poland ( more beautiful than Warsaw IMHO). I may yet think of some more.

  3. # Rigmarole
    # Rigmarole says:

    well…i cannot say that Athens is a beautiful city…in fact i think that is the ugliest city i have ever seen….however, don't get me wrong…I like Greece…for example Thessaloníki is one of my favorites cities…i just don't like Athens…is just like Bucharest…a huge trash

  4. Jo Carvalho
    Jo Carvalho says:

    we humans,we normally like to see & visit the most beautifull,i think the most beautifull city has to be number one London and number two Paris or Paris numb one & London number two cause these cities are the most visited around the world.

  5. Andres de Villanueva
    Andres de Villanueva says:

    In my opinion this cities that I've visited , the most beautiful are :  1) ROME  2) PARIS 3) PRAGUE 4) ST.PETERSBURG 5) MADRID 6) LONDON 7) ATHENS 8) VIENNA 9) BARCELONA 10) FLORENCE.

  6. João Gonçalves
    João Gonçalves says:

    My top 10:1- Venice (Italy)2- Paris (France)3- Lisbon (Portugal)4- Barcelona (Spain)5- Rome (Italy)6- London (England)7- Berlin (Germany)8- Porto (Portugal)9- Athens (Greece)10- Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  7. Paul K
    Paul K says:

    TOP 20 most beautiful cities in Europe (in my opinion)
    1. London
    2. Paris
    3. Rome
    4. Amsterdam
    5. Vienna
    6. Stockholm
    7. Madrid
    8. Copenhagen
    9. Berlin
    10. Barcelona
    11. Prague
    12. Athens
    13. Venice
    14. Milan
    15. Edinburgh
    16. Helsinki
    17. St. Petersburg
    18. Cologne
    19. Munich
    20. Oslo

  8. Kojla MC
    Kojla MC says:

    St. Petersburg?
    Sorry that there are so many but these are some other cities that look beautiful

  9. The Privileged Douchebag
    The Privileged Douchebag says:

    1. Oulu
    2. Viipuri
    3. Rovaniemi
    4. Inari
    5. Petsamo
    6. Kilpisjärvi
    7. Sortavala
    8. Hiitola
    9. Äänislinna
    10. Dambereen dabbara


  10. The Established
    The Established says:

  11. White Pearl
    White Pearl says:

    I love Slavic architecture. I like St. Petersburg, Prague, Belgrade, Krakow, Warsaw, Moscow, Zagreb… There are so many amazing cities out there.


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