Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe
Europe…there’s no other place like it in the world. Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldn’t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and the landscapes are as intriguing as its past.
They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so, naturally, many of you will disagree with my picks for Europe’s top 10 most beautiful countries, in which case I invite you all to leave your thoughts in the comment section.
10. Austria
9. Scotland
8. Turkey
7. Iceland
6. Greece
5. Croatia
4. France
3. Norway
2. Italy
1. Spain

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21 replies
  1. António José
    António José says:

    I consider that in this selection cities like Tallinn, Barcelona, Coimbra, Zurich, Tamper, Munich, Innsbruck should be included. It is a pity that in these selections the said cities never appear.

  2. Alfredo Vinci
    Alfredo Vinci says:

    Italy is number one not even close, the rest is a distant second and for me France. Italy has more beauty than any nation on earth period

  3. Benji banjo
    Benji banjo says:

    Scotland isn't a country, the country is the United Kingdom. I don't know how people can keep getting this wrong.

  4. Jude M
    Jude M says:

    This is my opinion:
    9.Switzerland and Austria


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