Top 10 Places to Retire in Asia

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Top 10 Places to Retire in Asia.

Offering everything from lush, tropical rain forests to bustling mega-cities, Asia is one of the world’s most varied and interesting places to retire. With an increasing number of Western retirees seeking an ‘escape’ from the fast-paced life that they are used to, and Asia offering a cultural experience that’s second-to-none, the number of retirees seeking peace, comfort, and financial security in Asia has continued to increase.
But it’s not just peace and quiet that retirees are searching for in Asia – it’s a fun and interesting life. While Western cities offer a great deal of economic opportunity, they can often feel somewhat stale and lacking in culture. In contrast, many of Asia’s top cities feel full of life and interesting opportunities to be found.
Likewise, Asia’s beach destinations, small towns, and rural settings can offer the perfect picturesque setting for a retiree. From beautiful scenery to truly stunning natural surroundings, many of Asia’s best locations are undiscovered secrets when compared to their counterparts back home.
These ten locations offer a great mix of modern conveniences, creature comforts, an affordable cost of living, and a unique look on life. From mega-cities to small towns, these top ten places to retire in Asia should be at the top of your list when you’re on the look for a great place to retire.
1. Phuket, Thailand
2. Penang, Malaysia
3. Singapore
4. Sapporo, Japan
5. Huahin, Thailand
6. Nhatrang, Vietnam
7. Taipei, Taiwan
8. Sai Kung, Hong Kong
9. Chiang Mai, Thailand
10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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24 replies
  1. Kung Markatta
    Kung Markatta says:

    For the first, why just tell the big cities with much crime? Much better in smaller towns. Singapore is Expensive and also Japan and Hong Kong. Thailand is beautiful, but it is a military dictatorship. I am sure there are beautiful places to live at in Malaysia, but why in Kuala Lumpur? There are really high crime rates. Taiwan is a safe and beautiful place. We should also add Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia (except Aceh). These are cheap and beautiful places to live in. My list should be 1. Philippines 2. Taiwan 3. One of the other i mentioned

  2. Daniel Paz of Real Estate in Philippines
    Daniel Paz of Real Estate in Philippines says:

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  3. Amru Zulkifli
    Amru Zulkifli says:

    here's my 2 cents – Putrajaya, Malaysia. It's developed administration city of Malaysia which is perfected with intelligent structures, lush greeneries and best connectivity. less people around, very tranquil and clean. If you think to feel the verve of bursting allure excitement, u'll have a short 29 mins of speed train ride to KL.

  4. Raymond Montepio
    Raymond Montepio says:

    hahahahaha.. Thats why some hollywood people visit palawan,Philippines..This site don't like christian country…do research

  5. TheWolfsan
    TheWolfsan says:

    what a crock of shit list…someone making a video from what they read on wikipedia… singapore is terrible for retirement due to its out the world costs of housing…likewise sapporo and hong kong

  6. PlebeianPerspective
    PlebeianPerspective says:

    Sapporo? Who the f wants to live in -20°C and 2 meters​ of snow? Okinawa is much cheaper and more tolerant of foreigners (their food sucks though).

  7. Encik Bakri
    Encik Bakri says:

    stay at your own country la westerners…

    now to many foreign workers n now we got to face the retried foreigners ..

    motherfucker lahhh

  8. alden mitsa
    alden mitsa says:

    bias & unreliable survey…where is the philippines…? the person who make this video…has never been visited the beautiful place …the philippines..


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