Top 10 Shopping Cities

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High-brow fashion, expensive beauty products, everything else under the sun – you name it, these cities have it. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Shopping Cities. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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46 replies
  1. 勇者ヨシヒコ
    勇者ヨシヒコ says:

    I lived in Dubai. It's so boring… Modern buildings don't make me fun at all. Under 50 degree you can't stay outside. There are no lively scenery, walking people, natural green. You should put Bangkok instead of it on the list.

  2. Brace Brooks
    Brace Brooks says:

    Interesting list, but I actually love shopping on Amazon, Of course I shop at stores occasionally (mainly Walmart), but I'm not passionate about shopping like alot of women are.

  3. Sunny Guggal
    Sunny Guggal says:

    this video is very nice.. you done a very good homework but if dis video is all about shopping… go and check about DELHI, INDIA…. there is nothing in this world which is not available as per shopping purpus here…

  4. Facu AF
    Facu AF says:

    Buenos aires #7? I live there, and there's no variety compared to other countries like chile, peru, and usa. There aren't that many brands, and the prices are crazy high for us! Yes the quality is good but no one here would shop in this city if they had the chance to go to Chile. And let's not even get started on electronic price

  5. Sara Akil
    Sara Akil says:

    what about Lebanon??????? The homeland of Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad? And also one of the best shopping destinations in the world?

  6. BBandSelin Luvdomo
    BBandSelin Luvdomo says:

    yeah I agree nyc is a wonderful place to shop and while some things can be VERY expensive, if you go to a local market the products are good quality and low priced. I would've thought that Florence in Italy would've been on the list…

  7. lmaninjayoucantseeme
    lmaninjayoucantseeme says:

    Bangkok is way better for shopping than all of those cities combiend. Bangkok has everything what fashion can offer and more, even the bangkok nightmarkets are one of the best in the world. If you haven't been in Bangkok only one time you wouldn't understand though.

  8. Alana Wood
    Alana Wood says:

    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, Sydney, St. Louis, Miami, Boston Philadelphia, Washington (District of Columbia), San Fransisco, Havana, Mexico City.

  9. Pattanachai Waicharoen
    Pattanachai Waicharoen says:

    I really thought Bangkok would be on this list.You can see shopping malls anywhere in Bangkok,Thailand it's big and gorgeous. 🙂

  10. Raihan Anderson
    Raihan Anderson says:

    There's something that I hate soooooo much that is everywhere usa is at the top. I mean why usa? what''s so special in it huh??

  11. KL Rider
    KL Rider says:

    These top 10 lists look flawed because they still put the old-school cities (i.e. NYC, London and Paris) to be on top in almost all of their lists. Where's Shanghai, the new center of the world or Singapore?

    But then again, the people who do these lists are all Westerners, so clearly they're unable to avoid being biased.


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