Top 10 Stops on Route 66 – Visit America

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Top tourist attractions, cities and Towns on Route 66. The Mother Road is calling and there are 2400 miles of roadway and America to see. Here we give our ten favorite towns and cities to visit on Route 66. If you are driving, riding your bike with friends or just taking an RV across the country Route 66 will show you America like no other road trip can.
Filmed in Williams, Arizona
Copyright Mark Wolters 2013
1. Chicago, IL
2. Springfield, IL
3. St. Louis, IL
4. Oklahoma City, OK
5. Amarillo, TX
6. Santa Fe, NM
7. Flagstaff, AZ
8. Williams AZ & The Grand Canyon
9. The little towns along Route 66
10. Los Angeles, CA

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28 replies
  1. jackpark7927
    jackpark7927 says:

    Best stop on 66? Angel Delgadillo's barber chair …. Seligman, AZ …. but everyone already knows that, right?

  2. Why Me
    Why Me says:

    Chicago murder capital of the midwest, St. Louis the murder capital of the center of America, So make sure you know where you are when you are in those cities and hey make sure you pick up your t shirts.

  3. Charles Lee Smading
    Charles Lee Smading says:

    I am originally from Eureka Kansas and my first job in the Oil and Gas Drilling business was when i worked a little Truck mounted drilling rig owned by Both Hank Martel and Dick Tyscraber and the company was called EDC or Eureka Drilling Company

  4. Nigel Elvis Kingsley
    Nigel Elvis Kingsley says:

    museums museums museums………….. How about more typical musical, diners 50s 60s highlights ? !!!
    thanks anyways !!!

  5. sally martin
    sally martin says:

    Think about doing San Fran to Orlando including Route 66 in there too, in a RV for honeymoon, how long would you recommend to take?

  6. Diane Texter
    Diane Texter says:

    ray tex..graduated high school 1960 from youngstown ohio.. me and my good friend sam drove strait 2 woodland hills ca..65 hours..old friends of mine had a italian restaruante in burbank ca on magnolia blvd..back then when thy said last chance 4 water and gas they ment it ?????????????????????????????

  7. Cowboy Kody
    Cowboy Kody says:

    Go to Wrigley Field and drink a Old Style beer? Old Style is/was brewed in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Worlds largest six pack

  8. Prophet
    Prophet says:

    I'm really a lazy fellow and don't usually login to comment on a video, but here I do 🙂 Nice presentation. Loving kudos from India.

  9. Lance Baker
    Lance Baker says:

    Sorry, I stopped watching at 2:30 –– way too much Illinois promotion. The idea of making Route 66 span from Oklahoma to Illinois seems dumb. It should have been two roads. Anyone want to take a two week trip from Oklahoma to Illinois? Anyone?

  10. International Observer
    International Observer says:

    America in the 50's…yeah, as a person of color in America if I go back to the 50's I get to look forward to being refused service at restaurants, banned from certain parts of towns and constant police harassment while on the road.  While it might reek of nostalgia for White Americans, it is nothing more than an era of discrimination, xenophobia and abuse for a person like myself.  I'll gladly take the America of today over the America of the 50's.

  11. la gil
    la gil says:

    We are driving from KC to Santa Fe next week. Very helpful video. I've heard that Pops Soda in Arcadia, OK is a must see and there's a halfway point in Adrian, TX? I can't wait!!


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