Top 15 Must See Hidden Destinations In America

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Top 15 Must see Hidden Destinations in America.

1. Salt Caves, Asheville, North Carolina
“Experience the miracle of salt thereapy…” That is what you find on the website for Asheville’s therapeutic salt caves. These caves offer a form of healing known as speleotherapy, which is a type of therapy that uses respiratory techniques of inhaling certain minerals in order to heal the body.

2. Door County, Wisconsin
For those who are looking for an adventurous environment but want to keep things mild, Door County, Wisconsin is the place to go. With 300 miles of shoreline to walk upon, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most beautiful and scenic places to visit.

3. Estes Park, Colorado
Estes Park is the best place to visit before you take a trip into the Rocky Mountains. Often considered the base camp of the Rocky Mountains, Estes Park is most famous for being the location where The Shining and Dumb and Dumber were filmed, at The Stanley Hotel.

4. Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a park that has all the fittings and great places, that make a park so wonderful. However, Ohiopyle State Park, located in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania, stretches out over a span of 20,000 acres.

5. Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia
Black water isn’t something that many would find appealing naturally, but Blackwater Falls State Park offers great beauty that’s completely natural and amazing. The park actually got its name from the effect the trees can have on the water.

6. Weaverville, California
If you are a fan of Gold Rush inspired streets, old saloons, and various Western tendencies, then Weaverville in the place to be. But this area isn’t just known for its Western culture. There exists other attributes to the town; a Chinese temple, which has been in use for over 138 years.

7. Cache River Park, Illinois
There are plenty of state parks in Illinois, but none of them truly catch the eye, like Cache River Park. The area spreads out over a span of 14,960 acres and holds over 100 animal species which are known to be endangered and threatened in Illinois.

8. Ludington State Park, Michigan
Even though it has only been established for a little over 76 years, the Ludington State Park is one of the most intriguing and paradise-like parks that there is. Not many places hold the wonder of the beach as well as the woods, but Ludington holds the magic of both.

9. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
f you’re looking for a different kind of hiking experience, then look no further than the Valley of Fire State Park, located in Nevada, just about an hour away from Las Vegas. This vibrantly red and scorched looking park is full of trails across its stretch of 42,000 acres.

10. Fort Bragg, California
Truly a beautiful and compelling seaside getaway, Fort Bragg is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It does have quite the history, being known as a company town at one point, but as time moved on, so did the town, as it was transformed into the perfect vacation getaway.

11. Arcata, California
In Humboldt County, you will find a neatly tucked away town full of redwood trees. These trees are very well preserved and full of life, thanks to the residents of the town who have formed a lasting alliance with the nature that surrounds them.

12. Leavenworth, Washington
If you enjoy German-American culture, there’s a place in the Northwest that fits the bill. Leavenworth, Washington, is a mountainous town filled with many Bavarian twists. This beautiful town is naturally tucked away at the lower parts of the Washington Cascades.

13. Pismo Beach, California
Beaches are some of the most popular places for people to visit. They’re scattered all across the globe, with their beauty and popularity completely undying. Often considered one of the most beautiful beaches, Pismo Beach is a very clean and friendly place to explore.

14. Natchez, Mississippi
Remaining a strike of deep rooted stories from the past, along with a modern twist of Antebellum homes and buildings, there’s one place in the South that you can count on for its vibrant past. If you’re looking for your fill of southern history, Nachez, Mississippi is definitely the place to go. There exists a great diversity within the city, as well as its history.

15. The Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Few places hold the capability to truly captivate and form a lasting impression. If you’re planning on taking a trip to the Yellowstone National Park, don’t forget to stop by the Grand Prismatic Spring. This is a very large hot spring, which is 300 feet in diameter, and believed to be almost 200 feet deep.

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