Top five most livable cities in Southeast Asia for expats

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Are you looking to be an expat living in Asia?
Southeast Asia has been a budget traveler’s dream for a long time.
Accommodation is affordable, food is cheap and there is a sense of adventure that follows around expats who decide to move to Asia.
Apart from that, there are a lot of emerging opportunities in the region.

Andrew used his travels to rank 5 most livable cities in Southeast Asia:

#5 1:20 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
#4 2:30 Manila, Philippines
#3 4:40 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
#2 6:03 Hong Kong (China SAR)
#1 7:51 Singapore

Andrew explains why each of these cities ended up on the list.

Watch to find out why Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia are not on the list. Andrew isn’t a fan of Bangkok and prefers these other Asian cities.

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33 replies
  1. mak hines
    mak hines says:

    manila has the most friendliest and hospitable people…..right now their president is fixing the whole country…everyone speaks english…

  2. amoralis123
    amoralis123 says:

    Saigon / Ho has dreadful weather. Your armpits bleed the moment you get out of the airplane. It never stops.
    Manila is full of real tortuous bastards why prey upon Westerner through girls/drugs/scams. It is dirty. It is crowded and it is very very unhealthy
    Singapore is real democratic police state …that says it all ..

  3. Harry Damascus Damascus
    Harry Damascus Damascus says:

    the future of Philippines will be going as the Asia's Rising Trigger star because of Duterte change will come Philippines is going to rise so don't judge Philippines God knows that

  4. Mila Duran
    Mila Duran says:

    In the Philippines expat should stay outside of Manla, there are many beautiful islands that are very cheap like 30 or 50 dollars rent a month and people are friendly and almost every people kids and adults understand or speaks English, there are many beaches around outside of Manila.  You should explore first the many islands in the Philippines.

  5. Dexter Speights II
    Dexter Speights II says:

    SINGAPORE is a business haven with low taxes, legal X3 and sport betting – Cheaper than New York by a long shot! it you like getting high and are a lazy bum, Singapore is NOT 4 YOU!

  6. anizares1
    anizares1 says:

    Manila is more expensive than Cebu City . The health care is just as good in Cebu and everything else is there ,minus the crowding of Manila.

  7. Boun Pathamm
    Boun Pathamm says:

    idiot Thailand not on a list but he mentioned it, Thailand suppose to be a list but he intention not to put it there because it is to popular for him to handle like you can not handle the true and Hong Kong is not part of South East Asia is East Asia period

  8. rjbgold
    rjbgold says:

    Bangkok should be top 5 easy if not number 1, can get apartment for 100 dollars, 5 dollars a day for food, people very nice. Singapore has the most nice people I every met next to Bangkok, Hong Kong has the most rude people in the world next to South Chicago. Also Hong Kong was the most expensive. You could not pay me to live in Hong Kong.


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