Visit Eastern Europe – Top Ten Cities in East Europe

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Eastern Europe is a blast, whether on the dunes of Lithuania, Charles Bridge in Prague or searching for Dracula in Romania you will love traveling through Eastern Europe. Here are our top ten cities to visit in Eastern Europe (that are relatively easy to get to)
Filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia

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45 replies
  1. Jacklyn Rose
    Jacklyn Rose says:

    Do yoy have a facebook to be contacted by im planinng a trip out to holland france and munic germany all in 5 days want to know if its possible

  2. Linda d'Auncey
    Linda d'Auncey says:

    buying a house in a former Eastern European country for rental/business opportunity . Beautiful places . cheap houses / Appartments .

  3. Timothy Dingman
    Timothy Dingman says:

    2018, we will be spending 2 months in Central (Eastern) Europe. Looking at Zagreb, Krakow and maybe Prague. We are looking for art, architecture and culture and we are asking for suggestions. We will be renting apartments where we can cook local food etc. We are looking for suggestions and recommendations. It would help if we can also find good food and cheap wine.

  4. Bobby Cooper
    Bobby Cooper says:

    For me, it is defo Belgrade, because of the people.The hospitality is beyond amazing and nightlife probably the best in the world for those who still care about nightlife lol

  5. solinvictus39
    solinvictus39 says:

    Belgrade? I love most of the cities on this list, but Belgrade deserves a mention- perhaps a bit dirty and grity in parts, but still extremely interesting.

  6. Clement Ng
    Clement Ng says:

    Budapešt, hungary; prague czechia; krakow poland; česky krumlov, gdańsk, talinn estonia, riga Latvia, vilnius Lithuania, brašov romania, bratislava slovakia,

  7. Christopher Haist
    Christopher Haist says:

    L'viv (Lemberg) Ukraine. Cultural capital of Ukraine and a UNESCO world heritage site. They hosted some of the Euro Cup matches there a few years ago. You can take the overnight train to Cracow for $50.

  8. Payhole Everdouche
    Payhole Everdouche says:

    The English language guide books are mostly written by Euro-Atlantic Retards…!!!
    Moscow-and Kiev are in Eastern Europe.
    Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow are all in Central Europe,
    If you're going to Estonia, you should see St. Petersburg, Russia. Tallinn is very pretty.

  9. goldkyivv
    goldkyivv says:

    Mark, what about Real Eastern Europe? I am from Kyiv/Ukraine. Ukraine is amazing and Moldova even Belarus. This is real another culture. I will be glad to help you with these.

  10. 111violist
    111violist says:

    Slovakia is in central Europe not Eastern, get back to school, idiot. Same with Hungary Poland Czech. V4 countries. Maybe Romania too.

  11. Holy League 1683
    Holy League 1683 says:

    I am missing in this a real eastern European city. Saint Petersburg. I would remove Brasov in favor of Saint Petersburg. All the other picks are OK. Not necessarily in the order presented here. But it doesn't matter.
    +Ulku Nicoleta You cannot fool me. I have been to Bucarest. The city sucks in every aspect.

  12. Ryan sharlotte
    Ryan sharlotte says:

    I forgot that was in Bratislava until you mentioned it here. That's how good I thought of it. Boring, expensive and over rated

  13. Ryan sharlotte
    Ryan sharlotte says:

    Do go to Bucharest its a great city and I never saw any of the stereotypes. I found it beautiful, clean and friendly place

  14. Christian Koncz
    Christian Koncz says:

    For some reason I really like these videos, even though they're kind of amateurish and a bit out of date. Reminds me a bit of Ricks Steve's travel guides. I think you did a good job here, although now it's 2016, we should probably point out that with the exception of St Petersburg, all of these cities are in central Europe, or East Central Europe if you want to be precise. Another list with the actual East of Europe would be cool. Apart from the obvious ones, like Kyiv, Odessa, Batumi, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yerevan, Baku, it would be interesting to see which cities would make the list. Apart from half a day in Moscow I've never actually been to Eastern Europe (despite my half Hungarian, half Polish heritage), so I'm really curious.

  15. Teddey Zhmut
    Teddey Zhmut says:

    Did you actually go to all of these cities because if you did I can tell you some other great countries in eastern Europe that have the best architecture and modern old things to look at.

  16. Wavy77
    Wavy77 says:

    Personally I liked Vilnius best of the Baltic capitals. Especially if you enter the old town through the city gate…..Tallinn is nice too. Riga was a little more so-so

  17. Ulku Nicoleta
    Ulku Nicoleta says:

    I live in Bucharest, and is not a disgusting city. Maybe is not amazing like Venice, Italy, .but it is a beautifull city. 50 years ago was called 'the little Paris', so how can it be disgusting ? Brasov is a beautiful city also but is little and boreing. If u want life, cafe, restaurant, fashion people on the streets, good looking women everywhere on the streets, big museum and music Atheneum and Opera, very old arhitecture buildings like Universities and theater u go Bucharest.

  18. Matis Krawiec
    Matis Krawiec says:

    I'll admit that Kraków is nice enough but many people in Poland will tell you that Zakopane is a much more interesting town to visit

  19. James Hutchinson
    James Hutchinson says:

    Bucharest disgusting? Could you elaborate please? I was under the impression that it had recovered a great deal from Communist-era hideousness. I would be interested to hear of your experiences there.

  20. KatherineGreyhunter
    KatherineGreyhunter says:

    I was hoping to hear some names of the, let's say, real Eastern european cities. The only one was St.Petersburg, but there are like a plenty of other places to visit. Well, I was secretly hoping to hear the name of my homecity, Minsk, Belarus. By the way, if you haven't been here, in Minsk – you are more than welcome to come and visit, I think my home city is gourgeous and you'll definitely like it here.

  21. white8771
    white8771 says:

    Nazi this Nazi that that was 75 years ago, we will never know what really happened.
    So why would you want to see this whilst you are on holiday.


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